If you have recently fitted new tires on your vehicle, you may need to have your vehicle wheels aligned. Driving around in your vehicle if your wheels aren’t aligned may cause a plethora of problems for you in the long run. Wheel alignment service needs to be done on your vehicle at least once every two to three years. You can have a wheel alignment done on all four wheels or simply have a front wheel alignment if you have front-wheel drive.

Here are the signs that your car is out of alignment

You may notice that your tires start to wear. But, this is different from normal wear and tear. Your tires will start to wear unevenly. Check the inside of the tire for wear and tear. Be careful, the tread may be badly worn, and the positioning of the wear and tear may make it difficult to see the wires sticking out of the tire. These wires are very sharp and may cut your hands.

You may also notice that your steering wheel is either crooked or that your car pulls to one side or the other while your intention is to drive straight. Another clear indication of wheels that are out of alignment is the fact that you may be hearing an audible noise from the steering wheel or that your tires may be squealing.

When you have determined that one or more of the above-mentioned signs are visible, then you may need to take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic for an inspection, check-up and/or wheel alignment.


Questions the technician may ask you

The technician may ask further questions to help determine if wheel alignment may be the actual cause, including:

  • When did you first start to hear or notice these symptoms?
  • When was the last time, if ever, that you had the tires or suspension replaced?
  • Does it happen often? And how often does it happen?
  • Have you ever had the tires on your vehicle rotated?
  • When last did you put air into the tires?

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