Tonneau Covers

Desert Automotive Muffler and Hitch Company is a proud supplier of truck tonneau covers and offers truck bed cover installation.

Who needs a tonneau cover?

If you are an outdoorsman or lady who enjoys camping, traveling, and just doing things outdoors in your truck, then the tonneau truck cover is ideal for your open truck bed. Tonneau truck covers are sleek, safe, secure, and reliable.

Why you should get a tonneau cover

One of the most noted benefits of fitting a tonneau truck cover is that it protects any haul that you are transporting. These covers protect your belongings. Whether you are storing equipment in your truck bed, transporting luggage, or simply packing up fishing gear, you can rest assured that your property is safe and secure under our tonneau truck cover. In addition, these covers protect your belongings from wind, snow, or rain.

Another key benefit of installing a tonneau truck cover is the aerodynamic design of these covers. You may be wondering why that is important. Well, the design creates less drag, which in turn improves the gas mileage of your truck. The tonneau cover fitted to your truck means that your truck will require less power to move your truck and keep it moving, which in turn will result in much less fuel consumption. This means that your tonneau cover offers a great return on investment (ROI) in fuel cost savings.


While we did mention that you can protect your haul with a tonneau truck cover, we have not yet mentioned that most tonneau truck covers come with a locking mechanism. This means that your property is fully protected from theft. It gives you the peace of mind to store your precious belongings in your truck bed knowing that they are safe and secure while away from your truck.

What about weather damage protection?

During the life span of your truck, your open truck bed is exposed to all types of weather conditions which may cause weather damage to the inside of the truck bed. By making use of a tonneau truck cover, you are protecting this area of your truck from harsh weather conditions, which in and of itself qualifies as another ROI.

Apart from all the benefits mentioned of having a tonneau truck cover fitted to your vehicle, another happens to be the obvious upgrade to your truck.

Speak to a representative at Desert Automotive Muffler and Hitch Company about fitting your tonneau truck cover.