Auto Service & Repair

Let Desert Automotive Muffler and Hitch Company  take you on a walkthrough of the process you can expect when visiting our auto repair shop. The first step in the process is diagnostics. If you are not already aware of what the problem is but you know that there is a problem, our qualified associates are highly-trained and experienced in diagnostics. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, we are able to quickly and efficiently diagnose what the problem is.



Most vehicles have a computer box that produces a code. This code helps our diagnostic team determine the source of the problem. This prevents time wasted on addressing issues which may not be the problem, saving you time and money by sourcing the root cause of the problem. We have a large range of diagnostic and specialized tools to help us do the repairs on your vehicles. A normal diagnostic test on a vehicle should take about an hour and a half.

Planning a course of action

Once the correct problem has been identified, a plan is outlined and presented to you for approval. This course of action will outline the steps to address the problem. The cost involved in conducting the repair, which may be decided between labor costs, the cost of replacement parts, and the cost of sourcing these parts if we do not stock them, will all be discussed with you. Keep in mind that we stock some of the major brands on the market today. You will have a choice between some of the more well-known brands or lesser known brands.

Miscellaneous problems

In addition, you will be notified of the time frame required to do the repairs. It is important to mention that we are constantly upgrading our knowledge and equipment to enable us to work on the latest model vehicles as well. As soon as we are in agreement regarding the pricing and time frame, and we receive the green light from you, we will proceed with the repairs. During the course of repairing your vehicle, should any additional repairs be required that were not initially discussed during the diagnostic phase, we will immediately reach out to you to consult with you regarding the additional repairs, the urgency of these repairs, and the additional costs involved.

Our car repair service is always improving, and we aim to meet the expectations of our customers.