Trailer Repair

Desert Automotive Muffler and Hitch Company is a trailer repair shop with qualified technicians that are able to do truck and trailer repairs.

Why maintenance matters

If you own a logistics company, you understand the importance of regular maintenance and routine checkups to keep your fleet in tip-top shape. These trucks and vehicles are responsible for the transportation of goods from one destination to another. The logistics industry is a key player in the supply chain of important goods, such as food, medicine, clothing, fuel, etc. You may also understand the importance of and obligation to ensure that your fleet is roadworthy, safe, and is in compliance with federal and state regulations.

These trucks are put to heavy use, and repairs and maintenance are inevitable from time to time.

When trucks require maintenance or repairs, it is usually the horse (the powered front part of the truck) that receives most, if not all, the attention. This is due to the fact that the horse of the truck hosts the engine and other important components that power the entire vehicle. However, the trailer also requires crucial maintenance and repairs from time to time, which is most often overlooked.


What is included in maintenance?

Proper trailer maintenance will include checking that trailer lights are in working condition. You may need to inspect the trailer’s undercarriage to ensure that there is sufficient grease. This area needs lubrication to function at an optimal level. In addition, the suspension of the trailer needs to be inspected for any wear and tear. A professional technician will know to look for anything that may be caught in the suspension that will potentially interfere with the movement of the suspension. Another check that needs to be performed is that the suspension is at the correct height. Break lights and tiedown straps, ratchets, and chains must be checked to make sure they are not worn out or damaged.

Certain repairs are more common on trailers, such as repairs to rolling gear and suspension, repairs to electrical equipment, repairs to pneumatic elements, repairs to body components including wigan flaps, cyclist protection bumpers, bumpers, etc. as well as repairs on brakes, doors, and tires.

What can you do?

Speak to a representative at Desert Automotive Muffler and Hitch Company about your trailer repair needs. We stock a wide variety of accessories and parts to address any problems and issues.