Truck Service & Repair

If you need to take your truck in for service or for repair, there are a few things that you should be familiar with when selecting an auto repair shop to work on your truck. We understand the rush to get back on the road as soon as possible, but finding the right repair shop means that you won’t need to bring your truck back in for repairs in a few months’ time.

Things to take into consideration


Your first consideration should be how long the repair shop has been in business. Some shops pop up overnight. They have little to no experience and may get you in for repairs quickly. That’s because these shops have few to no customers and will do just about anything to get you into the shop and milk you dry. You want an auto repair shop with years of experience, training, and qualifications.

Another key factor to consider is if the repair shop only specializes in certain makes and models. This will tell you that they have perfected their craft and know their stuff. Repair shops that tend to work on any type of vehicle generally lack the expertise of repair shops that specialize in a specific brand or model of truck.

What accreditation does the repair shop have? How skilled and trained are the associates that work at the repair shop? These are all tell-tale signs of either a professional workshop that knows what they are doing or what is commonly referred to as a fly-by-night repair shop that lacks the transparency and reputation of an accredited repair shop. In addition, are the mechanics working at the repair shop certified?

Should I do my own maintenance and repairs?

While we may be inclined to say yes if you are a certified mechanic, the general answer is a resounding no. It is always better to have a qualified mechanic look at what repairs and services are required for your heavy-duty commercial truck.

Regardless of how new or well maintained your commercial heavy-duty truck is, it may need a service or repair from time to time. Saving money and putting it aside for your annual check-up, service, or repair may be a wise decision. In addition, doing your homework on your service provider will ensure that you are helped by qualified, trained, and certified mechanics.

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